Monday, February 28, 2011

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round!

As you might imagine, I was excited to collect my spinning wheel on Sunday. We met the seller at the Hartshead Moor services on the M62 – about an hour from my house.
After we dropped off another wheel for another knitter, we headed directly home so that I could get set up and spinning!
New (to me) Wheel!
Ashford Traveller, rather nice!

After a short while, I was merrily spinning!

New (to me) Wheel!
I must sit up straight - that explains why my back aches
Despite creating some waste from my practice…

A bit of a mess...
I managed to create 80g of this chunky-ish yarn-like stuff.

finished "yarn"
looking back, it’s not that much worse than my first spindle spun yarn, so I have hope!

My First Handspun
My first spindle spun yarn, also very thick and thin, and a lot less of it! (about 15g)
I’ve started on some yellow fluff now; I had a total of five plain coloured Corriedale tops to begin on. I’m thinking about spinning a bobbin each of the yellow and green and then plying them together.

I’m enjoying my wheel, and I’m looking forward to the experimentation that I plan to do. However, since I spun about 100g of fibre in about 3 hours (I don’t know if that’s fast or not, but I’m not worried about that) then I reckon I might need to buy more fibre!
Ok, maybe I’ll use what I have first.

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