Monday, March 07, 2011

Yes, more spinning...

I’m not sure what’s more worrying, the amount of time I spend spinning, or the amount of time I spend when I’m not spinning thinking about spinning.

I know, it’s the same with any new toy – it consumes me for a little while and then I settle back into a normal routine.

I’ve had to self-impose a rule though; I’m knitting for the same number of hours as I’m spinning, approximately. Yesterday that was enough knitting time to do a few rows on the hoodie. I love the lace pattern now, it looks great! I’ve got into the swing of it now too. I do hope that it doesn’t grow too much when I block it, as it’s looking about the right size pre-blocking. Though also, I was making a smaller size than I thought strictly necessary, and it will need some under garment, being lacy.

All the spinning time seems to be paying off though. I’ve made some quite nice yarn now! I spent some time washing and drying the red and yellow yarn, I hope to turn it into a hat. There’s a nice basic roll-brim hat pattern in my “Spin to Knit” book which fits the bill nicely. I reckon I’ll begin with the yellow as it’s a bit more robust, then stripe in the red in some sort of sequence.

Here’s my latest offering:

Green Corriedale
P&M Corriedale in green
It’s about 155yds and 96g. I looked up a random DK, a random Aran and a random worsted weight yarn on Rav, and decided that this makes it somewhere between worsted and aran weight. So I’m thinking about knitting fetching in it, which claims to need between 100 and 200 yards of yarn. I guess the question is what happens if I run out?
Green Corriedale
Much finer than the red and yellow!

I have made fetching before, using about 130 yards. Fingers crossed! Though I did modify those, I think in the end I made them bigger. I hope that the yarn will hold up to that pattern, and hopefully the cables will look great in a plain (rather than stripey or varigated) colour. We will see!

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