Wednesday, March 02, 2011


So, I’ve been doing some more spinning! (and not a lot of knitting, or anything else!) I’m starting to enjoy it – I can get into that great quiet zone where there’s nothing but me, the sound of the wheel whizzing and the yarn being created.
It is making my hands rather dry, which I heard was a side effect.

Second Attempt!
Second attempt at plied yarn - not bad

This one is about 62 yards (I counted 47 wraps around my 12 inch niddy noddy) and weighs 86g (there’s a little more on the bobbin because I couldn’t quite fit it all on the one bobbin – though I tried!) The jumbo flyer sounds like a fun idea; I assume that you can get more yarn on with that!

I’m going to have a rainbow of yarn! I think, now that I’m moving on to the green Corriedale, which I might consider trying to spin a little finer. Both the yarns I’ve created are on the chunky side.

P&M green
Fluff due to become yarn

I am not sure what I might want to knit with some aran/dk weight green Corriedale yarn, but that is my aim. If I can keep going at that rate of improvement (I think the red might even be super-bulky, the yellow/gold is certainly bulky, so if the green is aran, then the purple could be DK and I might manage the burgundy at sock-weight!) then I will be pleased.

I really must do some knitting too.
I’m almost at the point of shaping the bust on my Après Surf hoodie.

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