Friday, March 11, 2011

Yes, more spinning.

(and more to come too)

This began life as some undyed alpaca from a swap.

I dyed it up using some natural dyes to produce this less-bold-than-I’m-used-to fibre.

Naturally Dyed Alpaca
Naturally Dyed by Me!

and then it sat there, waiting for me to decide to spin it on my spindle.

Well, that day never came, but I’m so enthusiastic with my wheel that I ended up spinning it on that instead. Now I just have to decide what to do with it.

Alpaca singles
Singles on the bobbin

At the moment it’s 50g (I think) of singles. It’s pretty thick, for a singles, though it’s thinner in places. One option that’s been suggested on Ravelry is that I might ply it with some silk/cotton thread. This would give the yarn some strength while still retaining the fluffy soft nature of the alpaca. Then I’d be able to knit something with it.

While I decide, I’ve gone back to the fibre bin and picked out some more pretty fluff to play with. I’ve finally gone away from the plain colours and picked out this

Royale Hare 2
sorry; this picture is tragically awful, I hope my photography skills where fibre is concerned have improved.

It’s spinning up quite prettily. I’ve split the whole thing in to four pieces lengthways and I’m spinning that into two singles. I’ll ply them together and hopefully the colour repeats will approximately match. I expect some barber pole effects in places.

Of course, all this spinning is still detracting from my knitting. Though that said, I’ve not had the concentration to do the lace on the hoody so it may be for the best.

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