Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It takes time

I’m finally on the sleeves of my honeymoon sweater. Whether it will be ready for me to wear on the honeymoon is another question though. It depends on how much knitting time I get between now and the wedding, since there’s no way I’ll have time to do any more knitting, seaming or blocking once the wedding gets here!

Though it has taken me since January 19th to get this far, I think that I haven’t spent as much time knitting as I could have, and some of that knitting time has been on other things. I’ve also been spinning a reasonable amount, which hasn’t helped the cause either! (I really want to finish the fibre that I have on the wheel at the moment; I have about 12g left to spin of the approximately 100g I started with!)

I spent some time last night and this morning in the car working on the 5.5” of stocking stitch for the cuffs. I have a nagging suspicion that I’m meant to be increasing too, but I have left the pattern at home so I can’t check! Oh well, I’m sure it’ll all pan out.

I am pleased with how it’s looking right now though, but to finish the sleeves, the yoke and the neck in the next fortnight seems optimistic. However, we do have a nice long weekend coming up (Easter weekend) and if I can be in a position to join the sleeves to the body and start the yoke by then, I think I may be able to finish it. Sadly, I don’t expect to get a lot done this weekend, as it’s my Hen Party! Woo!

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