Thursday, April 07, 2011


Yes, despite all the talk about spinning, I have been knitting away in the background too.

Perhaps not quite as often as I should have been to get this finished for the honeymoon, but still knitting. In fact now that I’ve accepted that it probably will not be ready for then, it seems to be trucking along nicely! Ironic, but probably it will still not be ready in time.

I have decided I am not going to knit the hood on the Après Tricot sweater. I may yet change my mind, but I’m not sure that I will have a use for the hood, but I can see myself wearing a lightweight lacy top with a nice stockinette v-neck.

Apres Tricot - progress

I have been modifying the pattern, because I didn’t want seams in this nice thin 4ply sweater. I therefore decided to knit it in the round as much as I could. I’ve had to leave stockinette panels down the side for increasing and decreasing, but I think it looks fine.

Après Tricot - progress

I’ve also done 4 rows of garter stitch prior to commencing the stockinette edge, to try to prevent rolling. It’s not working so well at the moment, but I think that perhaps when it’s blocked it may help. If not, I could fold the garter edge under and sew it in place, but that might be rather bulky. I may have to try steam blocking the edge while I knit the sleeves.

Après Tricot - progress

The lace pattern, now that I’m using markers, is nice to work, and I’m looking forwards to getting to that part of the sleeves! I have some free time this weekend during which I hope to get some knitting and some spinning done.

Après Tricot - progress

I guess even if this isn’t ready for the honeymoon, it will be a lovely sweater and I look forward to wearing it!


My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

this is absolutely beautiful, so delicate looking and I think you made the right decision on the seams :)

Not long to go now for your honeymoon, cant wait to see all your wedding photographs!

((( hugs )))

Feel very excited for you

Helen xx

Teena in Toronto said...

Alas, I haven't knitted anything in a while :(

Happy blogoversary :)