Monday, April 04, 2011

More yarn spun!

I continue to spend more time than I aught on the spinning wheel. Though I have been good, and since this came off the wheel I haven't spun anything new until last night when I started on a fractal experiment.

Bonkers Fibre 2
The shiny white bits are the bamboo where the colour didn't take. It has a lovely sheen to it!
Anyway, this has been finished for a while, but it seems I forgot to photograph it until this weekend.

Bonkers Flamingo
I love the light-and-shade effect the yarn has in this photo
Fiber: Bonkers Fibre – Flamingo (NB: they’re American)
Ply Type: Navajo; Z Spun S plied.
Yarn created: 205yds approx DK weight yarn.

I think it looks great! I’m looking forward to knitting it up into something. I think 205 yards might be enough for a little shrug (like this one I knit a while ago using less than 185 yards of aran weight).

Bonkers Flamingo
Pretty, isn't it?
Also, it should self-stripe, which I’m quite excited about, some of the darker stripes (purple-black ish bits) could be long enough to go all the way round a shrug!

I need another project to take with me on honeymoon[1] as I’m a great believer in Sod’s Law[2] so this might be it.

The math-science geek in me wants to work out approximately how long it takes me to knit stuff, and then work out how many hours worth of knitting I have planned, and then see how much actual knitting/crochet time I have available, and then add socks. Always.

[1] Yes, I’m taking knitting with me on honeymoon.
[2] Sod’s Law is that if you plan for something then it will not happen, but if you don’t plan for it then it will. Such as if you put your umbrella in your bag (taking up vital space for other stuff) then it will not rain, but if you decide that you need the space for something else, it almost certainly will. This same Law appears to mean that if you don’t pack a sweater for your holiday to somewhere hot, it will be cold. Remember this holiday?

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