Friday, December 23, 2011

More Crafting!

So, I've photographed and uploaded some more of my projects!

First up, a crocheted bow tie!


Pattern:Crocheted Bow Tie by Craftzine
Yarn: James C. Brett Pure Merino - red.
Hook: 4mm
Modifications: None, but if I did it again I'd make the neckband a lot smaller! I have to tie it in a knot at the back to resize it due to the stretch of the yarn!
Verdict: Well, not a bad pattern, but doesn't take into account the stretch. Maybe in cotton it would be fine.

A Washcloth (here's hoping that the recipient doesn't read my blog!)


Pattern:Starfish Dishcloths by Coats and Clark
Yarn: various
Hook: 4.5mm (I think)
Modifications: None really. Didn't do the crab stitch edge.
Verdict: Good. The crochet is a nice texture and the pattern is pretty!

and a soap saver bag


Pattern:Pickin' Knits Spiral Soap Saver
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton (I think)
Hook: 4.5mm (I think)
Modifications: It's finer yarn and a smaller hook than recommended, but no other changes really!
Verdict: Good. The crochet is a nice texture for a scrubby.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas already! It's quite nice that we have a Saturday as Christmas Eve, a whole day of no plans for me and hubby.
Well, I say no plans. I have a bag to felt, some spinning and knitting to do, and I'd love to get through some more of hubby's prezzie. It's no way going to be finished on Christmas morning, but I'll be able to knit on it when he can see after Christmas so there's a good chance he'll have it before the New Year.

So, There may be another post after Christmas with some nice knited things.
Or not.
We will see.

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