Tuesday, December 06, 2011

No WIP left behind

Yes, it's December.
In fact, it has been December for almost a week.

Cue working out what I've made in the past year and whether I feel like it's "enough", and also reviewing my "goals" from last year.
I didn't really set any proper goals, but on the 4th of January I included a list of things I planned and hoped for in 2011 (I've re-worded some of them!)

Get Married!
Have an amazing honeymoon!
Get chickens!Buffy the Worm Slayer
Yarn and Knitting!Where to begin? There'll be a knitting in 2011 post later...
Spinning Wheel!New (to me) Wheel!
Gym in the garage!
Join ZumbaNot my thing!
Lose weight at slimming world
Move roles at workWoo!
Have an Excellent year!Well, I think so :)

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My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

masses of congratulations, you look amazing and have had a fantastic year so far, do something spectacular to see the year right through to its end and beginning of another one :)