Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Felt Like Weaving?

So, here's a project I didn't share with you yet!

I created a square (that's important) cardboard loom, approximately 20cm square with 5mm cuts in the edge for looming with. (that's not the right verb!)
Continuous Weave
Then, I started to weave on the loom, using continuous weave. This method used the same strand to create the warp and the weft at the same time
Continuous Weave demo
This created two slightly scruffy looking bits of fabric.
Continuous Weave
which I crocheted together and added a small loop for a fastening
Continuous Weave
and then felted (I haven't added a button yet)
Continuous Weave - Felted
(sorry, the radiator cover is in better focus than the bag there...)

Pattern: Continuous weave
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Hook: not relevant, but it was 4mm
Modifications: n/a
Verdict: Continuous weave is good fun and interesting. On a larger scale it could be amazing. Cardboard probably wouldn't stand up to much larger a loom though.

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