Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just keep knitting

Well I’ve completed very little over the past fortnight in the Nerd Wars hiatus. I knew this would be the case, but it still makes me a little sad.
I’m continuing to work on hubby’s scarf, which was intended as a Christmas gift, but alas it’s almost late enough for a birthday gift. He’s not getting a knitted thing for his birthday – or it’s very unlikely anyway! There are some things in my Nerd Wars queue that might fit… but probably not.

The chickens are doing very well; we’re getting between two and three eggs a day at the moment. They’re not as different in colour as we had hoped, but they are different. This means that we have lots of fun trying to work out which chicken laid which egg!
We’ve discovered that they love melon, banana (the softer the better it seems) and mashed potato. When I give them mashed potato, I add a little cod-liver oil, which is meant to be good for them. They also get vinegar water once a week.
We let them out into the garden a little while ago when it was quite mild. They seemed to like it, though Buffy wanted to know what goes on inside the kitchen. Silly Chicky.

Buffy trying to get in!

I hope to have some nice knitting to show you guys soon, and some spinning (I got some lovely things from the knitters for my birthday).

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