Sunday, January 08, 2012


One of my Christmas gifts was a set of indoor propagators, and some packets of seeds.

I've started putting them to use now! Here's the first of the three on my south(ish) facing windowsill.

Windowsill Gardeining

I've planted 2 seeds in each plug - I'll "thin" them to one plant when they start coming through. I've planted 5 plugs of tomatoes. There's some built-in redundancy there, I'm not sure I want 5 tomato plants, but I'd rather have more than I need than have them fail (my squashes failed like that last year)
I've planted 15 plugs of onions. I may plant some more of those, I'm not sure yet. I think you get one onion per seed.
Finally I've planted 20 carrots. These are an early dwarf variety, so I'll definitely want to plant some more.

I've also got some seed potatos.

Windowsill Gardeining

On the left are "Arran Victory" - a heritage variety of potato with purple-ish skins. These are a maincrop variety of potato. The others are "Duke of York", a nice early crop there, good for salads so the packet says.

I'm quite excited about these. I've made a note of the planting in my RHS diary, and I'll be keeping track of my future plantings and their progress in that book too.

Well, I'm off back to my knitting now. I love having creative hobbies!

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