Friday, April 06, 2012

Scrappy Spinning

I finished it!

Scrappy Yarn Collage

Fibre: (1) MHE Falkland (yellow), (2) Skeins Merino (green), (3) Wingham Merino Silk (blue/white), (4,5) Freyalyn Merino (blue/purple/red), (6) Skeins Falkland (pink), and (7) Mandacrafts BFL
Colourway: various
Spun using: Ashford Traveller, middle ratio
Spin direction: Z (wheel turning anticlockwise, spin to the left)
Plying type/direction: 3-ply, S (wheel turning clockwise, spin to the right)
Yarn Stats: 110g / 256yards (14 wpi, approx 4ply weight)
Verdict: All of the fibres were amazing to spin with, and so different. It was good fun trying to get something even out of it! I also wasn't expecting the colours to work so well. It's my first attempt at a three-ply using fractal spinning principles. I do like it, and I'm planning on knitting something like Argosy (a diagonal scarf) with it...

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