Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Roundup

Alas, between my sister's wedding and the other randomness that's always going on, I haven't blogged much. Also, I lent my sister my camera (it does underwater) so I haven't been taking as many photos lately.

I do have some things to share though, so without further ado...

More Knitting!
Remember this yarn?

Scrappy Spinning

It was crying out to be something nice, wasn't it? Well, I decided on Argosy because I thought it would work well with the colours.

Scrappy Scarf

Once it was blocked I posed it on my pea structure (I'm hoping to grow peas this year!) so that I could count it for my Nerd Wars Unity - terraforming!


Would you believe that those are iPhone photos?

Pattern: Argosy
Yarn: my scrappy handspun
Needle: 4.5mm
Modifications: None
Verdict: Brilliant! Exactly what this yarn needed to be. My squares aren't very square, though perhaps I could have evened that out in the blocking.

Now that I've finished that I've been working on hubby's slippers again. There's a chance that he might get them in time for our one year anniversary coming up soon! They're actually quite nice and simple, but I've been procrastinating about making the custom insoles. Tsk tsk. It's not that they're going to be hard to make, and I'm almost at a point where I can't continue with the slippers without them. I don't have an excuse!

I have completed some spinning too, but I haven't taken photos of that yet.

Speaking of peas (as I was back a few paragraphs) I've got quite a few things on the go from a vegetable perspective, as I'm sure you remember me writing previously. Well, the chilli plant is all but dead, I think it's been too cold for it in the greenhouse with all the cold and rain. I've bought some seeds though, so I'll hopefully be able to get some plants going in the house instead. I have six squash plants which I intend to pot-on this weekend, though I'm not sure I'll risk them going outside just yet.

I'm also going to hopefully put some peas outside soon. I have one really strong looking little plant in the greenhouse and two or three reasonable looking ones in the seed propagator. Ideally I want 12 plants on each bamboo frame.

The weather hasn't been good enough for me to get out and weed the potatoes, or to earth them up which needs doing soon too. The ones in the potato bags need another layer of soil too. I'm quite hopeful that there will be potatoes, though we will see. If it goes well this year I'm thinking about re-arranging the whole garden!

I've had some success with the second seed planting of Brussels Sprouts, which hubby is quite keen on. And there's also some Swiss Chard on the go in that same seed tray. The beans and peas are not doing so well in there (though the peas are doing better than the last lot) so I may have to plant another round of those. I'm also hoping to arrange a bit of a swap with a knitting friend who also has some tomato plants. I may have to have a bit of a move-round in the greenhouse to accomodate them all though! Or else get myself another plastic plant shelter. I gave my old one to my mum!

I'm learning all the time though, and I already think that next year I might plant more varieties of tomato, but fewer of each plant. I'm also going to have a re-think about how early I sew some things. That said, if I get a nice early crop of tomatoes then that's fine by me! If I get myself out there either tonight or over the weekend (weather permitting!) then I'll take some more photos of how it's all going.

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