Sunday, September 25, 2005

The delights of Sushi

I am excited about a new book I bought.
It's about Sushi. Not only does it explain why Sushi exists, what you need to make it and how to make it, it also explains how to eat it! Fa-antastic!
So, I may even get around to making some, although I expect that I will first try on a Saturday. I also need to buy a bamboo mat, and possibly some chopsticks.

I'm also mildly annoyed - I downloaded some software to my phone to be able to shop from my modlie (as if I need an excuse...) and it doesn't work. Grr.
And I have only bananas and a kiwi to make smoothie with tomorrow. Not as exciting as on previous mornings. I should buy some more soft fruit.

I wonder if there's any further tasty and interesting food that's good for me that I could try - I'm enjoying most of it so far!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stopping Drinking Is OK

It's a funny thing, stopping drinking. Alcohol, I mean. When you give up smoking, everyone says: "Excellent, well done! Dirty habit."
When you tell (most) people that you have given up alcohol, they say "WHY?" SO it seems that it is acceptable to:
  • Get drunk and make a tit of yourself in public
  • Get drunk and be abusive of people
  • Get drunk and fall over
However, should you wish to stop getting drunk, whatever your reasons may be, then you are required to give an in-depth explanation of you exact reasons to want to stop pickling yourself from the inside out, and making yourself miserable from being hungover, saying things you don't mean and regretting them, or just knowing you made an absolute ass of yourself.
Mr Black I fully understand your sentiment now. My appologies if I've ever been like that to you.
As for the rest of you: I don't like what I am like when I am drunk. There, you happy?? I have to stop now to prove that I can, to prove that I can still enjoy myself, and like myself. To prove that I can stop.
Everyone I know seems to think that it is some kind of amazing sacrifice I am making, but I would rather sacrifice a slow drug than the things which I risk.

And still, as I headed home tonight after our work party to celebrate the (sort of) sucessful migration of work from one site to another, I felt sad. Normally I would have been talking to myself in my drunk state - and it would have been 2 hours later than I promised L (That's Dom). I would have been commenting to the geese how pretty they are, and I would have probably fallen off my shoes at some point (although I do that when sober too...)
I found that I left thinking about work, and why I work. I spend roughly 7 hours every day doing something which I don't really dislike with some people I get on with and a manager who I've learnt to deal with. What do I do it for, really? Well, I do like my teammates, they're nice and friendly, even if some of them are infuriating.
I remember being truly content with absolutely everything one time. It was during uni. I'd met L, my course was interesting, and challenging, and going well. I felt like me, I was the right size and the right attitude. And the people that knew me knew me because I let them. Everything was rosy. Well, it may not be perfect now, but it is better than it has been for a while. I have one decision to make, although based on the office politics it won't be as simple as it sounds.
And then I arrive on my blog to find ad-posting is rife again. Ra. But sadly, it's a half-hearted Ra. I'm going to bed now.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Officially In

The housewarming on Saturday was good, and we are now officially in the house. Thanks to all who came, it would have been poor had nobody turned up.

I drank too much, and I'm mean when I'm drunk. However, that also marks the end of my drinking... For now. I have officially given up. I'm aiming for December at least before I re-start.

I did get the pretty E530 in blue as shown.

We have a LOT of sausages in the house now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Waiting is pants

Today I will have been waiting an entire week to upgrade my phone for free rather than for hundreds of pounds(!) - Well, technically it will have been a year-and-a-day. I know which phone I want at least. I'm just waiting for my boyfriend to return with a lock for the door so that I can leave the darned house! Who knows why it takes him so long to walk into town (15 mins) to a shop that sells locks (okay, that might be more tricky) and then back (15 mins). I suppose he could still be having trouble finding the lock, or he could be mucking about doing some other random thing. Or something horrible could have happened, which is really why I'm concerned.

I also dislike waiting for web-pages to load. I'm currently waiting for our broadband to be set up to minimise this waiting.

Oh well.

So, anyway. I currently have the Samsung E800 I'm thinking of upgrading to either the Samsung E530 or Samsung E720 I'm definitely sticking with Samsung. I wish their slide-phones were nicer, but the newer ones are blokey or don't have enough features. I like girly phones, but I also want something with proper features. I'm still a techie (I reckon that should be spelled tekki).

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

731 days

Or indeed, two years.
Yes, that's the amount of time I have been working for . My first day was exactly two years ago today.
It doesn't really seem so long and yet it also seems to be a long time. I've grown up more than I expected, but probably not as much as I aught to have.
A whole bunch of things have not changed about me and my life though. I still have a fab boyfriend! Also, my taste in music is just as bad as always. I even have almost the same hair as I did those two years ago. OK, so now I own a house, and a fridge, and I'm not so skinny and my hair is an almost sensible colour (for now...)
Do people change, really though? Or do the people around them just come to understand them, and perhaps to accept their oddities.

That also means that it is just over two years (about two years and three months) since I finished university and set foot into the world. Or, my parents house. It took three whole months to find myself a job. I actually had two jobs lined up, but I liked York as a city, and didn't fancy Tunbridge Wells. How different things might have been.
There are a few things I miss about uni, mostly the underlying feeling that you can do anything. I also miss being able to go clubbing at Area 51 which was our 'local' Union venue. It was particularly local for me in my third year as I lived about two minutes walk from there - on campus! I enjoyed the school nights and retro nights and cheese night. All of it was fun, and we all just went to have fun. There was no worry about anything (except for things like worrying who the random bloke so-and-so went off with was...)
That said, I wouldn't go back now. Well, visit maybe, but not to stay. 3 years of that was probably as much as my health would stand!!

Monday, September 05, 2005


So, I was going to get my shiny new phone today. Except that it turned out that my contract actually ends at the end of the week. Poo.

Still, that gives me a whole week to change my mind over what I want.