Thursday, August 31, 2006

Genetically speaking…

I’ve been doing some more of my family research recently. I’ve been chasing down some of the more elusive of my ancestors. I won’t go into detail about the issues I have encountered! I am a little irked, however. I have not yet found an ancestor from outside of the area I grew up in. Some of them come from the next town, which happens to be in the next county…
You see, Gainsborough is on the border of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. It’s also only a small distance away from South Yorkshire. That means that even though my findings seem to span three counties, I'm still pretty much 100% from the same place. I got quite excited when one of the family was born in Wales, only to find out that his family had moved there (from Retford, which is near to Gainsborough) for work, and then moved back to Gainsborough. Darn.
So, I have lots of generations back to the 1700s, but still not really straying from the general area. Still, I have some small problems in that I have bits of the tree which are difficult to trace, like the adoptions and illegitimate births.
I do enjoy getting the certificates in the post though, I ordered my Granny’s birth certificate and my great great grandfather’s marriage certificate to see which of the two girls called Fanny he married. Some of the things that you find out on the marriage certificate are amazing! I am preparing to order another one soon. This one will hopefully provide the break I need to track down my rather elusive great grandfather’s side of the family.
In between doing the bathroom, looking after our hamsters and visiting people!

On a lighter note (?) I’m off to Manchester tomorrow to see my friend Gemma who’s off to Oz soon. Then I’m spending the weekend with my sister in her new flat in Warrington. So we’ll not get much of the bathroom done!
Don’t worry though, we have planned for this with the hamsters! We’re cleaning them out tonight and we’ll top up their food and water before we go. We’re leaving them two water bottles and an extra bowl, though they’ll just hoard all of their food anyway! they should be fine then.

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