Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy Weekend?

Indeed, yes!
On Saturday we went to Castleford (a completely different place to Castleton!) to collect our "new" car. Here she is. The colour is so vile that it's fabulous! I do like it; it's different.
Anyway, since this was my first proper drive (I did drive back from the gym, but that hardly counts as I had done that with L plates) I had asked Leon to print out a route where I didn't have to go on the motorways. I know I have to sometime, but I didn't fancy my first ever drive in our new car being quite that scary. However, somewhere along the way we missed a turn or something, and we ended up on the A1. It went something like this:
  • Me - We're approaching a roundabout, which way?
  • L - Third exit.
  • Me - There are only two exits. I'll take the second one.
  • L - Oh...
  • Me - That sign said A1(M) this way. We're approaching another roundabout. (trying not to sound worried)
  • L - second exit.
  • Me - We appear to be merging with the A1? Aah! We're merging with the A1!
So, anyway, it was all fine. We came back via the A1(M) and the A64 - how exciting!
Today we decided to go to the garden centre where we picked up Aston and Martin to look at the hamsters. There weren't any though! I was a little sad, but never mind.
Then we headed off to Knaresborough for the afternoon.
We had fish and chips (yum!) and then wandered around the castle and some random gardens.
It was a thoroughly pleasant day, and I drove home. I almost forgot to wear my specs though, I think I need a reminder sticker!

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