Monday, July 30, 2007


The weekend was, as expected, a crazy shopping spree!

Leon and I went in pretty much every shop in York (well, that's an exaggeration, but it felt like it!) to try to find the bits we still wanted for our hols. I bought some T-shaped T-shirts and a couple of vests, a bag, some knickers, that sort of thing. I wanted some cheap T-shaped T-shirts to wear if when I get my shoulders sunburnt. I also picked up a casual sun dress. Most importantly I picked up the new bikini that I have been hunting for. It's practical for water parks. I went swimming in it to test its not-being-see-through-ness, which was sucessful. I also jumped up and down and wiggled about a lot to make sure I wasn't likely to fall out of it (which is the case with my side-tie ones!)

I also discovered that them people who keep whinging about clothing sizes are right! I tried on some size 12 items in several shops, which ranged from a 36" (my bikini top) to a 40 (Dorothy Perkins vest). This is confusing and irritating. However, the thought of going metric is even less appealing - I don't want to be a 90cm person, even if I am. 90 sounds big, 12 sounds small(er). Though the connotations would be different I guess. Who knows.

I did try to buy some all stars that I liked from Office. The first pair I liked they didn't have in my size. Bummer. So I asked for another pair which I liked almost as much. They did have one pair in my size, but they were terribly scuffed. Bummer. I went to two other shops which sell this kind of shoe. Nobody had the ones I wanted. In the end I bought a pair of glittery biscuit coloured ones from New Look (not real All Stars) for a tenner. I'll buy some proper All Stars in the USA where they'll be cheaper. And the New Look ones are really comfy, so maybe it was for the best!

So, then I finished off the secret item I was making, and I looked at it...
I giggled.
I held it up to show Leon as I began to laugh.
Oh dear!
What should have been a pretty shawl would go round most people at least twice, and was about long enough for a toddler. I ripped it out before thinking of taking a photo of the hilarity though! It was brilliant. So the surprise isn't happening, there's no way I can knit something in three days, with all the other stuff I have on anyway.

I'm in SP11!
I'm still waiting on ravelry

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