Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holiday Yarns

I can’t believe that it’s only 19 days until my holiday! Woo-hoo! That’s less than three weeks!
We’re having a day-of-organising at the weekend back in Gainsborough with my parents. Leon and I are only going to be there for the day, but that should be plenty of time to decide the loose plan of what we’re going to do.

Anyway, time for a quick catch-up as I haven’t posted in an age!

My ebay yarn sold well, I got the starting bid for one and a bit more for the other. I shipped them off on Monday, so I should check in on ebay and see if they have left me feedback yet.
Speaking of ebay, I bought 900g of random yarn while I was surfing. I’m hoping to make something random out of it, depending on what I have in the mix. It arrived yesterday, but as the package is big I have to go to the post office to collect it on my way home tonight.

The Race for Life has been postponed again, it’s now on Sunday 26th August. That’s the weekend after we get back from our holiday. I’m not likely to be training while I am in Florida, so that could make for interesting action at the racecourse. That will not stop me from doing my best to keep my 7minute kilometres going!

We went to see Leon’s brother, John, in a play called Little Red Things. It’s actually a children’s play, but it did have a message for all the parents too. I really enjoyed it! There were puppets and lighting effects as well as some pretty good acting.

Also at the weekend we visited Wimpole Farm. This was lots of fun, though there weren’t many goats, I did get to see lots of sheep, pigs (including piglets), evil moo hounds cows and horses. There were also lots of chickens. Leon’s mum is thinking about getting some chickens. I’d quite like to have chickens but our yard is not really appropriate at the moment. perhaps when we have a bigger house and garden we’ll be able to have some other pets.

Last piece of news (I think) is that we have bought our camera now, it’s pretty good! We need to invest in a memory card for it though. I’ve been using it already to take pictures of my old mobile phone which I hope to sell on ebay too. [I’ve been bitten by the bug – I’m scouring the house for more things to sell!]

I only have a couple of other bits to buy for my holiday, I have sun-cream, beach bag, bikinis (though I want a water park suitable one), sandals for traipsing in, sandals for going out in an evening in, shorts for the beach, shorts for theme parks, a skirt, a dress to travel in with my jeans under (probably), camera, sun hat, prescription sunglasses (for driving too – my licence says I have to have), suitcases in bright blue (everyone else has brown or black, so they’ll stand out). I still need a bag suitable for the plane. It should be big enough to fit in my magazine, purse, passport, a book (for the flight), my iPod, possibly some crochet, some gum, maybe some other bits, I don’t know yet. I also want to get some all-star trainers (though they’ll be loads cheaper over there) and a bikini (as I mentioned), and possibly a couple more tops. I do need a baggy t-shirt for the water park, one that I don’t mind if it gets wet. I may go to New Look and see what is in the sale there. I also fancy getting a couple more vests in nice colours. I need to wear a cardigan on the train/plane on the way there, but I don’t know which one yet. Most likely the deep-pink wrap-around one. Depends on the weather on the 5th August.

Oh yes! The last piece of news is that my new driving licence is here! I have the stipulation that I must wear my specs to drive (01) but otherwise nothing special. Quite exciting that I have it though, even though it’s only a bit of paper and a bit of plastic.

Lastly, before I go, I’ll do a Knitting Update. I’ve been working on the secret project but probably not fast enough. I’m half way through the second piece, but there are three more pieces to do. I want to get it finished before the holiday, so I have 19 days in which to complete it, and it also needs blocking and pressing really, to make sure it’s a sensible size. I’ll be totally gutted if it doesn’t fit the intended recipient!

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Dianne said...

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of shopping to do. When are you going to find time to knit? :) Congratulations on receiving that bit of paper and plastic. Very exciting! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!