Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Waiting to drive

I’m waiting on the post now. Well, not actually waiting, it would make me even later for work if I did that. But I am waiting for things to arrive in the post: my new full driving licence and the camera we ordered.

Tonight I am going on my first ever solo drive at potentially a busy time too. I’m off to Tesco to get some random bits of shopping. I might call in to ‘pets at home’ too, while I am there! Very exciting for me, though probably not for you!

Knit and Purl Mama sounds like she’s trying to be the perfect mum. Her recent post asks “How do they manage” – meaning mums with more than one child. Now, while I can’t comment on that particular aspect (I only have Leon and our hamster to look after) I want to send out a big hug to her, and say this:
The most important thing for your family is that you are there for them; it doesn’t matter if you forget to hoover on a weekend sometimes, and it doesn’t matter if you put off the ironing in favour of having a rest. In fact, make sure you do have a rest!

I know that K&PMamma surfs in here occasionally, and I hope that I’m not being too bold.

Well, otherwise I don’t have much to report. We bought Lego Star Wars II at the weekend, so I haven’t done as much knitting as I would have liked. I’m about 10 rows in to the second piece of the secret item. I’m a little concerned that my gauge is too far out and that it will not fit the intended recipient. That would suck! I could wear this one myself if it turns out too small, but I wouldn’t have time to knit a second one in a bigger size. I’ll see, I guess. Maybe it will be better when I’ve pinned and pressed it (gently of course). It is also machine washable, which is always good.
Speaking of machine washable, my OH put my Opal socks through the wash just a couple of days ago, and they are fine! I’m really pleased with how well they have washed, and I am surprised that they actually seem softer than at first (possibly I should have washed them once before wearing) but this does pressure me to start my next pair. Also, I weighed the ball of Opal remaining and there is 50g. As it was 100g to begin with, I am hopeful that I might get a second pair of socks out of this ball, which would be smashing! It would be heartbreaking to get to a few inches from the toe and not have enough yarn though, so I might look for a pattern which would require a touch less yarn – something with eyelets or ladders in it might work with the stripes. It doesn’t want to be too complex because it will be striped too.
But I must cast on and knit the “gypsy socks” I have planned in the nice burgundy yarn I got. If it knits up well I might get some more. I’m also considering getting some cotton sock yarn for summery socks!
Also, an interesting question, if one is allergic to wool (which I am fortunate not to be) what would one use for warm winter socks instead?

I’ve just had a phonecall from WHSmith to tell me that my books have arrived – how nice! I was expecting an email. And so, I’m off to get the books, then off for a drive.


PS. I would have put a random title, but blogger isn't letting me!

Update: It let me put a title on today (11/07/07)

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