Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Robot Chicken

So yes, the previous post was a little on the brief side. Though what else needs to be said except “Robot!”?

Anyway, other than the robot painting, I’ve been spending a lot of my time making costumes for the PTH. There is only one more weekend between now and then, so I do really need to crack on! The boys’ costumes are ready to be cut out (always the scariest bit) and then they just need sewing together. I even know what order I’m sewing the pieces together in! My costume is ready, but needs some finishing touches. I hope to do some work on these on Thursday night. (Tue = knit, Wed = gym) and then finish them over the weekend.

We’ve also spent a lot of time at the gym. I’ve been five times in the past couple of weeks. I think. We went on the day that it opened, which I think was the 14th (my brain is like a sieve!) and I began my program from the “New Rules” book I mentioned before. So far I’ve been able to squat with a 15kg bar, row with 20kg and shoulder press with 6-8kg each arm! Yey! I haven’t really noticed any difference, but I haven’t measured myself since we began. I plan to weigh and measure myself once I have completed the first “stage” of the program (in another 4 weeks if we keep up with the 3 times a week).

I’ve joined another secret swap on Ravelry, the CSI Swap! (Sorry, it’s closed now) The idea is that you buy some goodies for your pal (who doesn’t know who you are) and then you send the goodies to the pal along with some “evidence” as to who you are. I’ve ordered the yarn that I’m sending and I hope to also send some needles to go with, and maybe even a pattern to show off the yarn, who knows… in any case, it’s all good fun. I hope that my upstream is enjoying deciding what to get for me! The evidence bit is quite tricky though, I’d like my pal to be able to guess who I am based on the evidence, but also for it not to be too easy. I’ll work it out.

Knit-night has fallen well for me. I’m back to Telford on the 6th, but since knitting is happening on the Tuesdays either side of that all is well. The week commencing the 5th May is going to be hectic to say the least! On the 4th my parents are visiting, then the 5th is (in theory) free, on the 6th I’m off to Telford, on the 7th there’s the meeting and then I come back from Telford, on the 8th it’s the PTH, on the 9th I have my official gym induction and also need to arrange a haircut. On the 10th we’re off to a wedding (I’ll be wearing this dress) - What a week!

I’m toying with the idea of taking some more time off, but we have to decide whether or not we’re going to Australia. It’s not really a place that has ever called to me, to be honest. While the reef and the rock are surely spectacular… well, if there weren’t people I know there I don’t think I’d be inclined. I don’t know. But if we’re going to go all that way we’re not going to go for a week, it would be for two, or even three weeks. If that’s the case then I have a limited amount of holiday to play with!

And finally…
At the weekend we went to visit a local farm shop, who also had a petting zoo type thing. Here’s me holding Helen the Chicken. I had so much fun! Helen the Chicken was so sweet, she didn’t mind being picked up and held at all. In fact she was dozing off in my hands! Bless. She is a Belgian Bantam. There were also some chicks. They were normal chicken variety, some were brown (those ones were going to the hen coops to lay eggs) and some were yellow. The girl told us that the yellow ones would be “taken away and then brought back again.” I don’t think that the other people there understood that she meant that when they came back they’d be going into the fridge in the farm shop. I guess she put it like that because of the children who might have been upset. That is the way of things though.
I look forwards to having room for a chicken.

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