Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About that holiday...

So, I said I’d tell you about my holiday in France. I’m going to keep it brief.

We did a lot of eating a drinking, as seems to be customary in France.
Nadine and Jaques, who we stayed with, had a cat. cute evil cat We met lots of Leon’s family, spanning several generations. I’m afraid we didn’t take many photos, but here’s the cutest (and newest) Wendy, with her mum, Severine. Severine and Wendy We did, as I said, a lot of drinking.
This is vintage Armegnac from 1949 - it's over 30 years older than me! 1949 Armegnac And I did quite a bit of knitting on my Ravelympic socks. Knitting on a swing Not enough, though, I didn’t finish in time. Oh well. More knitting

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