Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you getting enough fibre? (links fixed)

I have SO much to talk about. This post will catch up on the fibre stuff. Then sometime I’ll post about my lovely relaxing holiday in France...

I promised you pictures of the pretty things I bought at the spinning lesson, so here you are. This is Bamboo/Merino from Bonkers Fiber Bonkers Fibre 2 And this is Super-wash Merino from Royale Hare Royale Hare Fibre 1 I bought a spindle too, but haven’t photographed it. I also bought carders online. I’ve also bought a little bit more yarn to make a sweater for mum and some random yarn to make I don’t know what. I bought some Noro in the Stash of Chester

I also received my Discworld Sock Swap package, many thanks to my pal Kate. Swap Socks She makes doody little bags too; mine has Rainbow Brite on it! WOOO!

AND I finished the Monkey socks. I love them. I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love the fit, I love the colour, I love the heel and the toe and all the bits in between. I love the twisted rib cuff. I love the monkey socks. Monkeys 1 I may knit them again. Next time I’ll do the “no purl” version, for a little variety. But seriously if you knit socks and you think these are pretty – what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you already digging through your stash for some suitable yarn? If you decide to buy yarn, the NDS yarn is called The Natural Dye Studio Alpaca/Merino 4ply/Sock. This was a gift from my secret pal in SP11, but I’ve been back and bought more since! And, NDS have a SALE every Monday, so check them out!
Monkey toe

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