Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Review of the Year...

So, for 2007 I set myself the following goals:
Things To Do In 2007
Lose Weight [6lb down][1stone in 2006]
Learn to Drive [Test Passed]
Make/Buy Curtains [1/6 pairs]
Get Leon to Put Up some Picture Hooks [not done] if all else fails, D.I.Y
Learn how to Make Teacakes [not done]
Skill [Complete] Knitting and now some crochet too!
Make a 'garment' each month

I’ve managed to complete four of the eight items on this year’s list:
I lost weight (now a size 12!), learnt to drive, learnt a new skill (knitting) and completed a garment each month (I made a total of 24 garments, ish)
I think that my aims this year will be of a similar nature. I would like to make putting up the new curtains which we have yet to buy an item or three. Job satisfaction should be one, though the means can remain indeterminate. I don’t think I’ll have another new skill on the list – but maybe a new craft (I have the makings of spinning and quilting now, courtesy of my OH and his mum!)
I shall also put visiting people onto my list. There are lots of people I should catch up with, scattered across the country (and, in fact, the globe!) so I’ll add that.
So, my goals for 2008 are:
    • Homeware based
      • buy/make new curtains for the lounge.
      • put up new curtain rails in lounge
      • put up new curtains on new curtain rails
      • make new cushion covers to match new curtains
      • dare I mention picture hooks?
      • stain the bathroom cabinet dark (instead of pine)
    • work based
      • improve job satisfaction
    • craft based
      • learn a new craft
      • make something useful every month
    • People based
      • Princess in Birmingham
      • reunite LeRa in Edinburgh
      • London calling
      • Go down under
    If I can achieve all that in 2008 I’ll be pretty pleased. PS. Happy New Year Everyone!

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