Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Two more projects!

Two more projects gets me to my 6 for Nerd Wars for round 3! Woo!

My creation

I finally finished spinning this yarn


Fibre: A Little Bit Sheepish Merino
Colourway: Vampire Rock
Spun using: Highest ratio on the Ashford Traveller
Spin direction: Z (wheel turning anticlockwise, spin to the left)
Plying type/direction: 3-ply, S (wheel turning clockwise, spin to the right)
Yarn Stats: 100g / 247yards (12 wpi, approx sport weight)
Verdict: Nice! I love the long stripes. I think it needs to be a shawlette of some sort.

And I crocheted these slippers

hubby slippers

Pattern: Men’s Padded Sole Slippers
Yarn: Cascade 220 in grey
Needle: 5mm
Modifications: None
Verdict: Nice. I like the padded soles. They’re a bit loose for hubby though. I’m going to try fulling them slightly and see what happens then.

And I got a little bit of gardening done. A very little bit. I’ve planted some more beans and peas in some seed trays, I’ve also planted some chilli plants. I don’t know how well they’ll do, but I have my fingers crossed!

Here are my squash plants.

Veggies in progress

I’ve transferred these to some lovely bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse. The next stage for these guys is to be planted in either the grow bag or the garden. I’m experimenting.

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