Monday, January 07, 2013

Four Weeks to a Beach Body?

On Saturday I embarked upon my mad-scramble to get beach ready in earnest!
The previous Wednesday was weigh-in at Slimming World. Over the festive period I put on 4lbs. It’s more than I would have liked to put on, and perhaps I should have been a little more conscious of what I was eating. However, I can’t un-eat what I have eaten, so instead I have to get back on the plan.

Anyway, I’ve been sticking to the plan since Thursday, and with the help of those syns, I’m sticking to it well! However, I feel like I need an extra boost, something to give me some tone as well as aiding that weight loss. So I picked up my copy of New Rules of Lifting for Women, and set to.
We have a pretty nifty set-up in the garage, the only thing we don’t have is a cable column. I’ve been able to do all of the exercises called for in the program with the exception of lateral pull-downs, which are easily replaced with pullovers.
I’ve tried this regime before, though it was back before I started going to Slimming World, when I was a stone-and-a-half heavier than I am now. I was disheartened when I couldn’t see visible improvement. I was stronger than I have ever been, but all the muscle was hidden under a layer of fat. I am hopeful that this time, because I have already lost a lot of the weight I want to lose, I will see the results more clearly. This will hopefully boost my confidence, inspiring me to work out more, and thus begins a cycle. I hope.

As I said, I started on Saturday. It’s now Monday. I have therefore done two workouts, one each of workout A and workout B.
Both workouts are intended to be full body workouts, and I can certainly confirm that my full body feels like it’s been worked hard. I’ve pushed myself on all of the exercises. I was only able to manage 5 full push-ups, but I did my full second set by doing knee-push-ups (also known as “ladies” push-ups.)
I also opted to do regular crunches rather than ball-crunches, and after falling off the ball several times I also went for crunches rather than ball jack-knife.

My next workout will be on Wednesday morning, and then in the evening I will be weighing in at Slimming World for my first post-regime-change weigh in.
Fingers crossed, it’ll be good news.

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