Sunday, September 12, 2004

Foot Update

For anyone who ever hurts themselves by falling down the stairs:
  • Avoid falling down the stairs - it hurts.
  • If you do, do go to A&E (or ER in US)
  • When it feels healed, IT ISN'T!
  • Don't walk on it without a support for the first time when you go on a shopping trip
  • Do keep it raised
  • Do the excercises in the booklet
    So yes, I made the mistake of going into town without strapping on my foot and it has been very painful all day. It will get better as time goes on but I am bored of waiting for it to be ok! I want to wear my heels again! This is as bad as the time I sprained my ankle falling off my heels (which didn't need a trip to A&E as I was at a first aid training class!)
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    Bertie said...

    First time I read this I thought "wow, her foot was more injured than I thought If she has to strap it on" as in a false foot. Um. I am feeling a little worse for wear this morning though.