Saturday, September 11, 2004

holidays and pies

Firstly I should begin by saying "Bye bye Bertie" as he is off to Glasgi. Hope it's nice up there for you and that you like your job etc. :)

Now, holidays. I took 2 weeks off work with the intention of going away somewhere on holiday. Unfortunately it has not panned out this way, and we are looking at possibly 4 days BnB in Scarborough. Which although nice, isn't ideal for British Septembers. Oh well, we'll have fun regardless, which is the main thing really.

And more dissapointment today. I went with Dom and Lint to the "Pork Pie Festival" which it turned out was sold out last week. :( so I came home and ordered pizza. :)

Last note, tomorrow Dom and I are going to the Elvington/Yorkshire air museum to look at aeroplanes. And probably photograph them. And then maybe put one on a t-shirt for Dom. That or a car. Who knows?

Oh - One final thing...
You don't think of things like needing radiator hangars for drying clothes when you have a tumble dryer, but then whe you move somewhere without one you realise how valuable they could be.

Oh, and also...
Parents drop the finest info on you! They're getting Dom a really funky prezzie for Xmas, but are then using this fact to bribe me into inviting them over for Xmas dinner! EEEEK! Me cooking for actual people rather than just me and Dom!

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Sarum said...

You did a good job of food-style organisation for the BBQ.. Granted Dom's mates kinda hijacked the actual cooking of the meat-type products. And I’ve seen the pictures of the previous Christmas dinner, so I wouldn’t be worried (not yet anyway, Christmas is miles away!)

The air museum is supposed to be really good (if you like looking at large collections of aeroplanes, in pretty much the same way you can only fully appreciate the railway museum if you like looking at trains), I'm sure Dom will love it.

Our student house came with a radiator-thingy, so it wasn't a problem last time... but it is something I wouldn't have thought about until I'd got wet washing out of the machine and found nowhere to put it, had I moved already. (*adds "clothes drying arrangements* to checklist of things for potential flats*).

Parents are generally masters of the sneaky bribe, emotional blackmail and the "do as I say, it's for your own good" type instruction. None the less, I'd be lost without mine. (technically, I'd also not be born perhaps, depending on at what point in my history you remove them)