Friday, September 03, 2004

Mobile fun

I didn't realise how expensive my mobile phone was going to be. I currently have a £15 tariff. The cheapest new tariff I can sign up to is £20, and it's nowhere near as good as the one I currently use. I currently get 500 free off-peak landline/O2 minutes, and 25xnet minutes. The new one is only 300 off-peak minutes! It's pants! The prices are just going up and up! Even if I switch networks all I can get is pants stuff, or stuff that costs a darned fortune! I hate this sort of thing! At least with something like chocolate I know what I'm paying for - ok so the price of chocolate has gone up 5p in 3 years, but who cares, it's value for money!! OK, rant over.

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Lint said...

When I got my new phone at the start of this year, I found it would work out cheaper to upgrade and pay for the new phone rather than get a free phone and a different contract.