Thursday, September 02, 2004

New House

Yey! So on Friday we spent our first night in our new house! Woo!
So, now every room has boxes in it, there's dust almost everywhere, nothing has a home, and my bed may not be here for two more weeks! However, I'm liking it muchly! The only real thing I'm having to get used to is walking to work for 20mins instead of less than 5!
I also don't have a chair for my computer desk yet, or much other furniture. I do have a three piece though!
Argh! my leg is going dead - will add to my blog when I have a chair!

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Lint said...

Whilst my laptop was away being fixed earlier in the year, I had to blog from a semi sitting, semi kneeling position, as my desktop was on a two foot high trolley. and the keyboard was on my lap. Really not comfortable. Didn't stop me though. Blogging was just a bit more painful than normal.