Tuesday, September 07, 2004


So, the house-warming barbeque went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time, although I was concerned that some people didn't have enough to eat. Unfortunately, the evening went awry for myself when I threw myself down the stairs. It hurt. A lot. More than when I trapped my fingers in the 6th form door. $h17! I thought. Shouldn't hurt like that. So I screamed a bit, Leon brought me peas (frozen) for the ankle-foot area. Thought it'd be ok, but stopped drinking. Mistake. The pain got worse. By the time people were leaving I was unable to put any pressure on my foot and it hurt when I wasn't moving. So Chip, whom I am now greatly indebted, went home, fetched his car, came back and drove me to the A&E. They were wonderful there, I've never met such a pleasant nurse. She didn't hurt me while checking what was wrong and also gave me 1000mg of Cocodomol (codine and paracetomol) for the pain. Nice lady. The x-ray woman was a bit surly, but you would be if you were stuck in a dark room with broken people. Then the x-rays looked ok, the nurse told me that it wasn't broken (phew - that would have ruined our holiday plans!) and that it was just a severe sprain. Up to 3 months for full recovery. And must walk on it. Joy. So, I have more drugs at home now, as it throbs quite a bit. Mostly it goes really stiff when I don't use it, then it hurts when I walk. However, I seem to both be able to put some weight on it for a short while, or my full weight for a second or two. Good progress methinks. Still hurts when I'm doing nothing though. More drugs needed I think. At least it's not serious. :D So, yes. Thanks to Chip for the lift and to H for the alcoholic jelly and the calm head. Thanks to L for just not panicking, and being there. Thanks to Lint for his astute remarks at the time, and to J (haven't picked up who you are online yet :( sorry) for being so sweet.


Sarum said...

Glad to hear you're not badly hurt, and I hope it doesn't spoil your plans for going away next week.

They gave me Cocodomol once... it didn't like me much, made me violently sick infact.

X-Ray women are ALWAYS surly in my experience, I think they recruit them specially.

I'd give you the news from work, but there is nothing interesting to report. Well, Bob went playing football last night, so was limping rather badly at work today, he managed to re-sprain his groin I think, so will completely understand your discomfort... I think I need to get out, our department has a decidedly above average injury rate it seems...

GeeDee said...

I always manage to meet very nice X ray women. Maybe I'm lucky.

Opium based pain killers are quite effective, although codine's only a mild form of it. Morphine, Diamorphine and Pethadine are at the business end. They're quite addicitive too. Strangely I wasn't affected by the opium effects when I had some. Don't know what that says about me!

Bertie said...

They didnt give me any painkillers when I sprained the ligaments in my ankle, I was told it would take 3 months. Maybe I was just a big wuss and it wasnt as bad as i thought it was

Tsuki said...

I agree about Diamorphine, and it is addictive, my Nanna was on it.
I also think they exaggerate theur recovery times in A&E so that you feel good when you're healing well. This has backfired in my case as walking around town with no bandages was a STUPID idea and now I'm in rather a lot of pain, even after two glasses of wine! Grr.