Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Last night was my third (successful) driving lesson. Last week I only got down the road, but then I went really dizzy and decided I was too ill to continue. So I was a little nervous this week. However, except for stalling it at the first junction (in my defence it is on a hill) my driving was okay. I even had to do the scary roundabout by Tesco and Flying Legends! Anyway, this week’s lesson was bay parking (I’ve already done turn in the road and left reverse which used to be called reverse round a corner.) Anyway, bay parking was not in the test back in the late 90s when I was learning last time. So this was my first ever go at bay parking. After much amusement where people kept parking in the spaces we were going to use (and us deciding that the guy in the Corsa would just have to put up with me reversing into the bay behind him) I managed to have three or four attempts at the manoeuvre. It wasn’t too bad – I only went over the line once! Anyway, the roads are safe for another week – next Monday I have another lesson.

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