Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Little More Festive

Stockings I have made stockings for Leon and Myself (as I mentioned in an earlier post), which helps on the old festive feeling. Also the cute little stockings I made for Aston and Martin are very festive looking (unlike our pink ones)

We've also had all of the work-based Christmas festivities now, and there is only one day left to work. We did the Secret Santa for our team, which as usual was not very secret! Still... I hope that the four people who were not at the pub enjoy their gifts too.
Mini Stockings Of course the new foggier weather has helped to make the weather feel more wintery, which is good I suppose - except for that now I am cold! Still, fog is one of my favourite types of weather. Okay, it's not so good for driving in, or flying! It's so calm and slightly eerie which is pleasant in a weird way. Fog at Work As you can see (or not) the fog was pretty thick. Of course, unlike in the horror novel "The Fog" this fog isn't sending people mad or killing anyone! That's good.
I did see a man rowing in the fog today. On the river too, the fog is not that thick. Anyway, my only thought about this was not "I bet he's cold" or even "crazy" but rather "He should have lights on that boat or he might get run over by a bigger boat." Hmm.

Lunch today was... entertaining.
Blakey, Blakey's Dad (not really), MW, Tom and myself visited Varsity (why??) and had lunch there, whilst doing the Secret Santa - or half of it. General chit chat and merriment, despite the short numbers.
Most entertaining moment: Blakey's Dad (not really) lost his Razr mobile phone down the side of the seat and we had to get a barman to help dismantle the seat to get it back. Hilarious - if you were there. I pretty much just watched and ate my chips. Curly fries, Yum!

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