Monday, December 04, 2006

Quarter of a Century

I'm thinking more, these days, about what it is I want from life. For the most part, I've achieved the things I set out to achieve by now. You see, I'm 25 years old at the end of this month, which may not be a "big" birthday, is still a milestone. When I think back to the various times that I have looked forwards to now I have almost always had the same goals, and I have achieved many of them – if not in fact all.

I wanted to have a good job, a good man and own a house. My job could be better – and it certainly isn't what I intended as a ten-year-old. (I think I wanted to be an astronaut then) I wanted to have moved away from Gainsborough. I wanted to have the chance to be myself, rather than the person whom those I was 'friends' with wanted me to be. I think I have managed that. I've lived in London and York now, and though I still want to travel around more, I'm not sure whether I want to move away from York yet. Of course, whether my next move would be in England still – I guess it probably would. Unless I find a job in Florida while we're out there next summer! Really though, I think that I have done most of the big things I wanted to have done by this point in my life.

Of course, this leads me to look into the future – what do I hope to achieve in the next 25 years? Now that is a long time – and I suspect that my goals will change over the 25 years as much as (if not more than) they have in the last 25 years. Perhaps the next 5 years is a more realistic timeframe. But still, although I have some vague aspirations, I have no real plans. I must sort that out and have some proper goals to work towards. With timescales! Hahaha.

It's all very well setting myself a list of things to do next year – no doubt I will still do so. What that list may contain this time is anybody's guess. Some things have already come to mind. Some of the things which will be on next year's list will be carried over from this year's list – of course. But I intend to make them more measurable. I suppose that some of the goals will, as this year, be easy enough. Of course this year I added new goals part way through the year – that was a mistake from the point of view of feeling like I have achieved things. Perhaps, as I am 25, I should give myself 25 things to achieve? I do like that idea… And I have a whole month to think of what the 25 things could be!

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