Sunday, December 10, 2006


  1. I am a muppet. When I read my train tickets to go to JJ's house warming engegement thingy, I read the return journey time. Unfortunately, that was 20 minutes after the outward train left. The tickets are non-transferable, and replacing them would have cost a great deal more than I have in my bank account.
  2. The rash thingy appears to be coming back. That really sucks. I'll be off back to the doctors then.
  3. On a more positive note, I did 95% of my Christmas shopping (gift wise) on Friday, and although my arms are now significantly longer than they were before I shopped, I feel very happy that I am now organised for Christmas, gift wise.
  4. Today we put up the Christmas tree, after I tidies the whole lounge. Those of you who have seen my lounge when I'm not throwing a party will know how much of a mission this is, especially as it was probably worse than it has ever been.
  5. Leon's near enough finished the skirting, which means I can paint the remaining bathroom wall, and the ceiling. Then all we have to do is fit the light, curtain rail (and curtains), put up the shower curtain and build the storage. Oh - and fit the new loo-seat and paint the old cabinet white. Easy!
  6. I have now written (and got L to write) all of my Christmas cards for this year. I'll be posting them tomorrow. This is good because it beats the deadline for international post. (which reminds me...)
All in all, the good bits seem to outweigh the bad.
I'm still a muppet though.

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