Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Working Day

It's the last working day before Christmas. It doesn't feel like we're winding down though! Things keep going wrong. Still, my manager is not in the office today, his manager is on his way home too. Only us skivvies still stuck in the office, providing cover in case someone has a problem that that want to talk to us about; which we would probably tell them we would fix next week.

My lunch was disappointing today too. I opted to try something different from my usual sandwich place, and they didn’t have either of the soups that I like. So I tried an all day breakfast sandwich and mushroom soup. I didn't enjoy either, though I did enjoy the curly wurly that I brought from the secret Santa gift I got.

We have a busy day tomorrow, getting the remaining few bits from the shops for Christmas, including the pre-ordered turkey. We've also got a teeny bit of decorating that we have to do, though that will not take long at all. I'm looking forward to having curtains up in the bathroom at long last! I’m not looking forward to taking up the hem on the shower curtain, but it shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to do. It is likely to take longer to get out the sewing machine, plug it in and sort out my cotton than it will to actually sew the shower curtain!

When we've put up the new curtains I will also remove the old towels from the bathroom and replace them with the new aubergine coloured towels which we ordered. Then we're just waiting for the bath-mats and we need to pick up some face-cloths.

Of course, I'm not working so hard that I couldn't find two minutes to post this, so maybe it is winding down a bit.

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