Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chav filled Gym

On the exercise front, I managed to go to the gym last night, although I only did my cardio because the gym was (once again) full of chavs. I wish they’d all go pose somewhere else! I don’t mind the body builders, at least they’re worth looking at! But the chavs are wearing ridiculous baggy clothes (so even if they’re fit you can’t tell) and most of them are, like, twelve. And then they have the cheek to watch me while I'm working out! Okay, I may look fairly svelte (the sarcasm drips) in my new support top but that’s no excuse. Though I guess at least they’re not making trouble. The worst ones are the chav girls! They wear uber tight jogging bottoms, or ones that have a slogan on the bum. They go around in threes wearing too much perfume and fussing over their hair. Get over yourselves girls, you’re here to make yourself fitter and look better outside of the gym, who cares if you look a bit sweaty in the gym? For goodness’ sake. (apostrophe police – is that correct?)

However, I was pleased with my cardio, I managed to do 15 minutes at 8.4 kmph, which took me to about 2km, plus the three minute cool down made it to nearly 2.5km. I’m not too worried about how long I’ll take doing the race for life this time, because if my sister asks me to run/walk with her I will do.

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