Saturday, March 17, 2007

Socks Update

As you know, I've been knitting a sock pattern from with my multi coloured yarn. The heel is worked with short rows, which is an ingenious way of doing it, I think.

I've now managed to work over 50 rows, which is pretty good going. It's not quick I must confess. I do think I'm getting faster with my knitting, but I couldn't turn out pairs upon pairs of socks in a day!

The yarn is making a nice pattern across the sole. I'm quite looking forwards to getting to the toe, as I hope that then it will look more like a sock. Although I can certainly see it now! It's a bit daunting that when I've done this sock I need to make another one that matches the first sock! I'm also quite pleased that the heels are not coming up in holes (yet) so the wrapping I've been doing must be right. You see, the pattern calls for you to wrap and turn the work, and I was too lazy to look up how to wrap, so I made it up! Seems to have worked though.

I'll not post anything more about the socks until they're done, it's only fair.

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