Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Stuff

So, the family are visiting this weekend. My sister is up tonight and my parents are coming up tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to seeing Gayle again, I don’t see her that much these days. We’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about our up-coming family holiday to Florida. Provided that we don’t have mass-arguments, it should all be fine! Personally I’m looking forwards to the nice weather and to the film studios. When we’ve been before I was a bit too young to appreciate the film studios, and also there will be loads more attractions there now. I am also looking forwards to seeing my aunt and uncle and at least some of my cousins – depending on who is home when we go. I keep up with what Danielle is up to by browsing her myspace every now and again. The oldest of my cousins, Shea, doesn’t have a myspace any more, but she seemed to be getting on okay.

I also have my gym review on Saturday morning at 9:30. I don’t know what we’re going to do to amend the program to make it better for me, but we’ll see. It does seem to be working, I feel more toned and generally more fit. However, it’s not shifting the spare tyre as quickly as I’d like (possibly down to the pizzas and chocolate). I hope that when I do reach a sensible weight and body fat percentage that I will feel better about my body, though I suspect that I may not.

Work still sucks, sadly. It’s been okay recently I guess, perhaps because I’m getting less hassle at the moment. Though I know I aught to be looking elsewhere if I’m unhappy I find myself not doing so. Partly through apprehension and partly through procrastination.

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