Monday, March 12, 2007

London, Harrow, Oxford

This weekend Leon and I went to London on a coach trip through work. We had to drag ourselves out of bed at a horrible hour to get to the bus for 7:30am. I then made the disappointing discovery that I had only brough half of the things I needed for my current knitting work in progress. Boo. We then trundled down the M1 to Watford Gap (which we were both surprised to learn is nowhere near Watford) for a breakfast stop.

Once we’d breakfasted, we returned to the coach for the next leg of our journey. By 12:30 we were at Marble Arch. There was a minor mishap with the bus window, but no real concern! Leon and I picked up a tube map, and a map of London so that we could figure out where we were and where we wanted to be. Then we jumped on the tube and headed for South Kensington. This is the stop for the Victoria and Albert museum. We picked up tickets for the Kylie exhibition and then had a bit of a wander. As I was carrying the luggage (something I’m not used to) we had a break and went to the tea-rooms for tea and cake. I had some strawberry and mango infusion, which was excellent: it tasted really nice and sweet, and it was pink!

At 3:00pm we were allowed into the Kylie exhibition, but I decided I needed to go to the loo. I had a bit of a dilemma though, as the ladies had a really big queue. So, I decided that my only option (I was busting by this time) was to use the gents. So aside from the man who was washing his hands as I left, nobody seemed to mind. The hand washing man just looked at me a bit funny. Maybe he thought I was just a bit effeminate. I was wearing a pink stripy hooded top.

I really enjoyed the Kylie exhibition, although it was very busy. The costumes were fabulous, and there were some really cool things. Even her dungarees from Neighbours! I think that my favourite costumes were the ones from the “showgirl” tour, and also the white dress from “Can’t get you out of my head”. I also got a poster which doubled as the exhibition guide. Woo!

After this we had a bit of a wander around the fashion exhibits. I wanted to see the 60s fashion, but there didn’t seem to be anything other than some paper dresses. Then we decided that it was high time we headed off. So we wandered back down to the tube and made our way to Northwick Park.

We got off the Tube at Northwick Park and decided to have a wander around the University of Westminster campus there before we headed off to the hotel. We took a walk up the street which led to “the street” on campus, and had a nosey at the new block of halls. We wandered around the back to see what had happened to the bungalow too. It all looked very familiar.

The hotel was nice. I made a cuppa while Leon ran a bath. Once we were all clean and refreshed we headed into Harrow itself for dinner and drinks. By about 7:30pm Niall and Tasha, Andy, and Sean had arrived. We drank copious amounts and I had steak. We had quite a laugh before we went for a drunken (except Andy who was driving) wander around Harrow town centre. Then we stumbled back to the hotel to bed.

Breakfast was at 7:45, which is very early. We weren’t the first there, but I suspect that some people didn’t make it. We had coco pops and then a full English, though in my case that was egg tomato and bacon. I had plenty more tea, though it was an insipid grey colour, and orange juice. Then we returned to the room to prepare to head off again.

The next stop was Oxford, which I don’t think can be seen in three hours. We had a bit of a wander around but I was very grumpy and hung over. When it got to noon, we went to CafĂ© Uno for lunch. I had spinach cannelloni, which was very tasty. Then we went shopping in WHSmith for some magazines and then to Primark where I bought some new pyjamas. Woo!

Then we had only one more stop before home, which was a service station again. I don’t know where. I bought a milkshake and a smoothie for Leon.

We were back in York at 6:15 or so, and home just after half past. After I called home I went in the bath. We ordered Chicken instead of cooking. I forgot to set my alarm, but it was okay because Leon woke up and made me get out of bed.

I was glad to see the guys again after so long. We really should make more of an effort more often.

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