Friday, November 30, 2007

410 times

This is my 410th post.
I was looking at another blog, Knitting and Sewing and all forms of procrastination. . . where they are running a competition because it’s their 100th post. (Yarnies check it out, lovely yarn on offer – and I get no bonus points for saying so, I’m just nice!) which got me thinking…

My blog is over 3 years old. In fact, it’s 1210 days old today. There are a grand total of 410 posts (including this one) which makes an average of almost 1 post every three days.

I’m sure I could figure out some more stats. In fact, here we are:
In 2004 (146 days of it) I blogged 58 times. That’s one every 2.5 days
In 2005 I blogged only 47 times (wow) that’s a bit less than once a week. (Was it something to do with a slow internet connection and the computer being in the smallest box room in the world?)
In 2006 I blogged 143 times, back to once every 2.5 days roughly.
In 2007 (so far) I have blogged 158 times. There have been 334 days in 2007 so far, so that’s roughly once every two days.
In 2007 I blogged most often in March (19 posts) and least often in February (only 7 posts) assuming that I post more than 7 in December of course.
In 2006 the top posting months were July and September with 19 each. The least blogged month was February again with only 4.
In 2005 I posted most in January with 7 posts, and least in February, April and August with 2 each. (February is looking like it’s not a good month to read my blog!)
In 2004 I only have August to December – unsurprisingly my first month of blogging was the most active with 18 posts in and December was the losing month with just 8 posts (still more than the best February score!)

So, in summary, I post frequently (usually about knitting these days – there are 87 posts tagged with knitting and crafts, the next closest being 35 for health and fitness (also ranting about being fat) and then 32 for holidays! However, don’t expect a lot from me in February!

I do know why I post less in February though; we like to go on holiday then for Leon’s birthday.

And, I have a card from the postie telling me that I have a parcel. I like post!
I’m waiting for my SPs gifts, I’ve ordered online for them again. I’m quite excited about the things I’ve ordered too. I may have to purchase a box to ship this time instead of padded envelopes.

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kasiaiscarly said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm glad you like me enough to add me to your blogroll, too :)

Good Luck in the contest. I noticed you like pink so maybe it's in the stars (and of course by stars I mean Excel random number function!)