Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh no! I'm barred!

I can’t view my own blog at work today, it tells me that “The Websense category "Emerging Exploits" is filtered” which isn’t ideal.
I have no idea why! I think they might be blocking blogspot (though they haven’t told us that they will be, which they did with facebook) because I can still get to wordpress based blogs.
Oh well, I guess that I’ll have to make do with just posting and hope for the best that it looks okay! And I’ll have to do my blog reading at home rather than on my lunch breaks.
This is probably a good thing, as it will make me want to go away from my desk and do other stuff at lunch time, like read a book or knit. Much better than staying at my desk, which generally means that I’m at my desk for the full 7 hours, minus any loo-breaks.
Ho hum.

Still, Ravelry is still alive for now! Perhaps too many people are spending too long on blogspot blogs or something. I imagine there may be other ravellers at work, but I wouldn’t expect it to be as widespread as blogspot.
I am relieved too, because I thought maybe a naughty word had crept onto my blog that caused it to be barred.

So, I’ll have to catch up on everyone’s blogs when I come back from the wedding in Edinburgh this weekend.

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