Friday, November 30, 2007

Secret Pal Parcel Three!

Well, I finally got to the post office just before it closed to collect my parcel. It was a fairly heavy, well taped up, box.

And inside...

Were many wonderful things.

Where do I begin? There's a Rowan Newsletter (which includes a pattern), a funky card with my secret pal's identity clue in, the pattern for monkey (I'll go visit Knitty to keep their site hits up) some beautiful alpaca-merino sock yarn in "Sherbert Glow" from Natural Dye Studio (I've recently purchased yarn from them too and this yarn is also lush. There's a "fat quarter" of material (that's the pink and cream thingy) which is screaming out to be a cushion. There are two clear zippy wallets with pink trim (pink!) and fab contents of a notebook (pink!) a pen (pink!) some fat-head pins and some wide-eye needles (very useful!) - I'm thinking that the pink notepad is the perfect size for keeping a list of all the yarn I want to buy in, in my handbag. There's also the 2008 Stitch n Bitch page-a-day calendar! Woo - I've been lusting after that! I've told my boyf to tell my family I have it now. Last, but not least, is a kit for making a tiny felted tote. It includes - can you see - addi turbos! AND some soy-and-wool yarn which I've been meaning to try for ages! And it's red/pink!

Anyway, the clue inside the card is a picture of some yarn, plus some theatrical masks, plus a crown. After I hunted on the participants list for "knitting masked queen" and similar nonsense, I had the good sense to go to Ravelry and type in "drama queen" and then again, without the space. There's only one drama queen in the UK, and she's in Yorkshire (I'd gathered that about my pal) so, it's got to be her! My Pal was: Crafty Drama Queen! (Or, at least, I think so!)

Thank you so much, Secret Pal! It's been great. I've loved everything you've sent, and I'm looking forwards to doing lots of "me knitting" once Christmas knitting is done!


Craftydramaqueen said...

Yep, you found me! I'm a little further away than Yorkshire - County Durham! It has been hard keeping my identity a secret as we live so near. Now we can be friends on Ravelry! i've had loads of fun spoiling you. I hope you are happy with what you have received! xx

Shelley said... sure got a lot of awesome things in your secret pal package! Your secret pal sure spoiled you :o) Can't wait til I get back to Canada next year to take part in another Secret Pal...can't find to much quality knitting things here in my area of Korea so I decided not to take part while I'm here.