Tuesday, December 04, 2007

To My (no longer) Secret Pal

Well, SP11 is all but over, I have one parcel to post tomorrow for my downstream.

I have loved this exchange. It’s been so much fun getting gifts through the post, and also lots of fun finding and sending gifts for my downstream pal.

Secret Pals works because of people like my pals, both up and downstream.

I’ll let “the blog” know who my downstream is once she has worked out the clue. (which is an idea I pinched from my upstream!)

My spoiler, Crafty Drama Queen has been a brilliant spoiler. She clearly took time to get to know me from my blog and bought me things that have been both exciting and (will soon be) useful!
Highlights have included:
The handmade stitch markers, which adorn a couple of projects already
The sari silk, which is now a bag and there’s leftovers. (It is rough on the hands so a good hand cream and patience are needed. I have both, but only in small quantities…)
The beautiful yarn, especially the alpaca sock yarn. I love alpaca. I love socks. {big cheesy grin}

It’s been great. I only hope that my pal feels as spoiled and that I have managed to understand her as well as my pal has me. It’s been a great adventure, and I hope we’ll stay pals (at least on Ravelry!)

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Liz said...

Heeeeelllllooooooooo!!! I found you! I had to do it by devious means, ie through ravelry, searching for members of british knitters whose name started with T and who lived in York. (Only because I'm so hopeless at clues)

(I hope it's you!)

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts you have sent me. I sooo loved the drop spindle, it is such a cool present, I can't wait to use it. You have been a great SP, and made my first experience of it a truly amazing one. Thank you! x