Thursday, March 06, 2008

...and a little bit of that...

...And shake your bum?

The mattress is great. I had such a good night’s sleep last night. I was expecting to be cold (we took away my fleece under-blanket) but the topper was so warm. In fact, at one point I was perhaps even a little too warm! (that just never happens, anyone who knows me IRL will attest to the fact I’m almost never warm enough!) it doesn’t smell as sheep-y as I thought it might, though it was strong enough when the plastic bag was opened! So, all is forgiven from we love sleep since their before 9:30 arrived in plenty of time! The mattress topper is nice. OH claimed that he still didn’t sleep very well. He’s now blaming the slats under the main mattress (the new one is just a topper) so we have to go to Ikea apparently. That’s always risky because I buy stuff in Ikea. Sadly, the new Wilkinsons in York don’t do bed-slats. OH seems to think that the Ikea ones are the best ones anyway. But the nearest Ikea is in Leeds. And will probably be busy.

I thought about going to the other knit night (the one I went to last month) but since I wasn’t home from work until 6pm, and then we sorted out the mattress, so we cooked dinner at 6:35. I could probably have turned up late, but I decided not to bother.
I did a bit more on the sweater for OH last night, probably another inch. I’m finding quite a few knots in the yarn I’m using, Rowan Pure Wool Aran. There’s been one in every ball so far, and two in the current ball of brown. It’s really quite frustrating! So, I’m now in the market for a ball winder. The idea being that I can re-wind all of my balls before use and therefore get rid of the knots. Depends on how much I’ll have to pay for one though!

Next week I have to go to Telford with work. It’s a three-and-a-half hour train journey each way. This means that in order to be there at 9am for a meeting, I have to leave the day before and spend the night in a hotel. The only benefit of this so far is that I will have 7 hours worth of knitting time, on the train. It will not actually be that long because of the trains not being direct. Though we only change in Birmingham. So I get two hours or so uninterrupted. Which should get me a few inches of jumper or sock done. If I can finish one of the Earl Grey socks then I will have something like a recipe for the other, including how many rows to do. I’m a bit prescriptive like that, I like things to be the same number of rows. Unless they’re not meant to be, of course!

The hat pattern I’m making up is going well, but my row gauge is nothing like what I thought it would be. The pattern bit should still work, I hope! We will see. I’m looking forwards to trying the bobbles. OH told me that the Sudoku throw “doesn’t count” as a project that needs finishing because “it won’t be finished until 2020”. While I like the “doesn’t count” bit, I like to think that I might get the rest of it done before 2020. okay, so it’s taken me a year to knit nine squares. So in theory it will take me another eight years to finish (which would be 2016, thank you very much) but I’ve neglected it a lot, especially during the scarf making pre-Christmas. Maybe he’s factoring in my impulsive sock-yarn buying.

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Anonymous said...

ikea is open til 10 weekdays-less kids at night! altho' with your lil car you may have probs fitting the bed slats in-ikea now also do online shopping though!

you are more than welcome to come and use my ball winder btw!!

oh and the ikea tip, is payback for you almost luring me into buying yet more underwear!