Monday, March 10, 2008

Bedslats and Broomsticks

So, we trekked off to Ikea on Saturday morning. Early on Saturday morning. It wasn’t anywhere near as unpleasant as the Bank Holiday escapade.
Of course, as it was Ikea, we didn’t only buy what we went for. The bedslats were a success though. We also bought some nice tubs for our recycling needs. We have them in our under-stairs cupboard. They stack, so they’re space efficient. We have two smaller ones for paper and card, and one big one for bottles (plastic and glass), tins, tetrapak cartons and pretty much everything that doesn’t qualify as paper, cardboard or compost-able. We don’t keep the composting waste under the stairs though. That would be silly.

I fixed the gloves for my sister. Remember the Fetchings? Well somehow they came unravelled in an odd way – there was no end, just a loop. Anyway, I tacked down one end of the loop and then crocheted the edge before tacking down the other end (with a few running stitches in the same yarn). I don’t think it will come undone again. I hope not! I didn’t take any photos, I didn’t think that an unravelling glove was that exciting

 Noro Glove, unfinished Something which is exciting, or at least to me is exciting: the Noro glove! This is the left glove (the thumbs are slightly differently placed on each glove). The right glove is mostly brown so far (don’t you just love Noro’s fade-colour stripes?) but I think it might be purple soon. I still have to make a hem at the cuff so that it has a picot edge. I’m not sure about picot edges, but hey – lets be a devil. The pattern (from Noro Designer Mini Knits, Design 27) is meant to be knit flat and then sewn up. I didn’t read the pattern properly so I’ve been knitting in the round on my new 4mm/20cm dpns. Oh well, I don’t like seaming anyway!

I haven’t cast on the hat again yet. It’s sitting next to the sofa waiting to be picked back up. Other than that, I’ve done pretty much nothing on the sweater. I have done some more on the socks, I managed a few rows on the way to Ikea (I wasn’t driving) and then more again this lunchtime at work.

I’ve ordered a book about knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles. I’ve no idea whether it’s any good or not. It would have the benefit of when I make mistakes like completely forgetting to cable on one of the cable rounds on Earl Grey, that I don’t need to worry, I just forget on both. No problem. I gather you can use the same method with sleeves and other things that come in pairs.

NB: don’t eat very old ryvita with slightly dodgy blue cheese on them. It’s not recommended.

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