Saturday, March 15, 2008

Socks, Hats and Guitars

Since my last post I’ve been to Telford, finished one of the socks, started again on the hat, and received a gift!

 Cable Closeup So, yes, while travelling to and from Telford for work, I made progress on the Earl Grey Sock for OH. It looks pretty good on; I’m quite pleased with it! The stocking stitch is pretty even and the cables look nice. Here’s a close-up of the cables, in case you like that sort of thing…

I’ve re-cast on the hat, with less repeats. It looks a bit better, but I’m still not convinced. We will see.

Anyway, OH surprised me with a gift when I got back from Telford. He’d bought me Singstar III with a wireless guitar! So unsurprisingly I haven’t done a huge amount of knitting since then! I have, however, completed the easy level! Haha!

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