Wednesday, March 05, 2008

With a little bit of this...

So, we had another Ravelry meet-up last night, in Brigantes in town (nice pub, good soft drinks). There were only three of us, but we’re hoping to gather some momentum through the Yorkshire Knitters’ group. It was good though, I enjoyed chatting with other knitters, and not just about knitting. I also managed to get another ten rows or so done on Manly (Rav Link) for OH. It’s one of those projects which isn’t especially exciting to do. It’s a good knit-and-natter project though because it doesn’t take a lot of concentration. The only thing I have to do is remember to purl the purls!

I’ve had a bit of a splash at La Senza today (and online yesterday)
I like getting post, so I don’t mind that I’m getting most of it in the post, but if I’d known I would have gone to store. Anyway, they have an offer on bras which makes bras (even in my stupid new size) quite reasonably priced, providing that you like weird colours or spotty bras! Fortunately I do, so I now have a brand new bra with fruit on and matching knickers.
I’ve also ordered some more PJs online, that’s plenty of PJs then though, must stop. (ever wonder if you have a compulsive streak? First sock yarn, now underwear and PJs – what next?)

You may ask “Where is the mattress review you promised?” because we were indeed supposed to have spent one night sleeping on our new mattress topper. However, despite OH staying home all day yesterday, it did not come. OH called them at about 3:30pm to be told that they had lost it. WTF? How on Earth do you lose something that big?? Anyway, the man said that they’d organise to send us another one before 9:30am today. Hang on, isn’t there a 5 week turnaround on mattresses because they’re hand made – isn’t that why we were waiting? Hmm. Someone is telling porkies somewhere. So, I waited in this morning (since my commute is a mere 15 minute walk, and OH’s is that plus a 40+ minute bus ride) for the mattress. I was meant to thoroughly check it, but there was no way the man could hang around, his lorry was the size of a house and was blocking the road. Okay, I exaggerate, but he was in the way. The box is undamaged and has the right description. I’ll tell you if the mattress was worth it tomorrow when we have actually slept on it.

Otherwise I am planning on beginning OH’s slippers soon; the socks are going well too. I’ve cast on a hat for me which is meant to be a bit like the hat off the Vodaphone advert, but whether it will be or not (since I’m making it up) is another question! I’m also plodding on with the Sudoku blanket. I’m not liking some of the patterns which are really hard to do (don’t know if it’s the yarn, needles, the way I knit or what) they’re mainly knit-into-the-back-loop-of-the-next-stitch ones, which I’m finding hard. Maybe it’s the cast-on that I’m using (cable) so I’ll investigate some other cast-on methods. (I should for socks anyway)

I still have 600m of the pink-and-white yarn I used for the Evening Star Shrug so I could do to find a project for that. (it was very good value, and it is lovely stuff, but the ebayer only posts in fits and starts) buttony sweater is an option, that says it needs 495 yards which according to Google is almost 453 meters. The pink woolly stuff is 200m per ball, and is chunky. Blackberry is interesting, but I’m not sure about the cables, I don’t think that they would work in the variegated pinks. 98-47 Shrug in “Eskimo” which would only use up half of what I have. I like that with the sticking up collar! I’ll have a look through all my patterns (which are only half-organised at the moment) and see what there is there too. It’s such a pretty and warm yarn, but I haven’t tried washing it yet. I do have some ecover wool wash now which makes me happy. Environmentally friendly and hand-knit friendly: woo!

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