Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am incensed! The Evil Delia is promoting New Zealand Lamb at the moment. While I am sure that New Zealand lamb is fantastic, it’s being shipped from the other side of the world just so that some sticklers can have lamb at Easter – appalling. Okay, so Welsh (or Lincolnshire, or Devonshire, or wherever) lamb isn’t in season yet. In the UK lambs are only just being born so they’re not ready yet. That’s no reason to go and buy imported lamb. Delia should be ashamed of herself.
It may be admirable that her new cookery book and show has got people who don’t usually make things from scratch (Lint, I’m looking at you) into the kitchen, but seriously – frozen mash? What is that about? How hard is it to peel and boil some potatoes, then mash them up with a masher?

Delia has sold her soul, clearly. Not content with showing the nation how to boil an egg (yes, she really did) she now wants us to put frozen mash in everything. Come on Delia – sort it out!

In other news, our new gym is opening in just over a fortnight. It’s been too long, I feel all flabby and unfit. OH bought me an interesting book, New Rules of Lifting for Women (Link to which talks about the different benefits of endurance training (like running) and weight training. He favours weight training (could you guess) although he hasn’t completely convinced me that I never need to use the treadmill again; I am now convinced that I don’t have to spend 25 minutes running on it. Nor do I need to do triceps kickbacks. Woo. And I can eat chocolate and peanut butter on the diet it recommends. There has to be a catch, right? Well I don’t know. Maybe there will be when I start doing it. the important thing is that my new goal is not to lose weight, but to lose fat - in other words, I’m going to have to measure my body fat percentage (my bathroom scales can approximately do that) and also my waist/hip etc. but I shouldn’t worry if I don’t lose any actual weight. Well, we will see.

On the knitting front, I haven’t got anything new to report. I’m using up the leftover Cascade 220 from my slippers to make a Nintendo cosy (I think I mentioned it?), I’m still working on OH’s sweater. I have yet to cast on the second Earl Grey. The hat is coming along, but hasn’t been touched for a few days.
I was asked why I “never wear anything” that I’ve knitted. It’s an interesting question really. Okay, not very. You see, I think that pretty much all non-knitters think that you can rustle up a sweater in a day or so, or even hours! Come on people! Many people also seem surprised that I’ve only knit one shrug and no other “proper” clothes yet. I have only been knitting for a year and a bit, and also do all artists paint landscape? Why do I have to knit sweaters to be a knitter? Okay, grumble over!

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