Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't think of a clever title today, sorry.

I’ve had a very creative weekend. Sadly, I’ve only photographed the dying that I did (see this post) so you can’t see the pretty yarn that I’ve spun from the fibre that my SP12 sent me in the first parcel And it seems that I’ve totally failed to photograph the fibre beforehand too. I’m a bad Blogger.

However, I have photographed my progress on the Clapotis Clap Which is a nice knit. it is using all of my stitch markers though! I knit quite a bit of this once my arm was tired from spinning, while watching another instalment from my Sharpe box set.

Also, on Saturday I discovered a new (to me) bead shop in town called “Bead Hive”. It’s such a fun shop. I spent more than I should have in there already, and I’m already planning on going back! I made something from one of their kits, which is nice but a bit jangly for me. I’ve also made something secret, which is a simple big-bead on a hemp thong. Lastly I fixed the Nevada turquoise pendant that my parents brought me back when they were in Nevada.
While doing that I learned a great deal about the “findings” required for such things, as well as finding out that my round nose pliers were a bit iffy and OH’s wire cutters are completely rubbish. So, I plan to get some nice jewellery wire cutters. I might not replace my pliers yet, they’re coping as long as I’m not daft with them.

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funkyflower said...

ha ravelry had that as "can't think of a clever tit..." which made me chuckle ;)